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Our Story

The idea for True Gains came when I was regularly seeing guys with muscle imbalances.

I knew how bad muscle imbalances were and how they won't just destroy confidence (in some cases), but can also get you injured where you would only to be able to train one side of the body.

And guess what happens when you can only train one side of the body?

The muscle imbalance becomes worse and worse, and people get on a repeating cycle of injury after injury.


Knowing this cycle of muscle imbalances was real, I wanted to find something that anyone can use to train their upper body ("show muscles") that was all but impossible to create muscle imbalances.

After searching for months, I found the perfect solution, found a supplier, and the vision that started just months ago became a reality.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and I can't wait to see where this journey of True Gains takes us.

-G.H (Founder & CEO of True Gains)