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EverBreeze Premium Personal AC
EverBreeze Premium Personal AC

EverBreeze Premium Personal AC

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Go From Hot And Miserable To Cool And Calm In Under 30 Seconds!


Never suffer through the unbearable summer heat again! EverBreeze turns miserably hot rooms into cool and comfortable ones within seconds, all while being whisper-quiet, compact and rechargeable so you can run it all day and night without your electric bill shooting through the roof!




No More Miserably Hot Summers

EverBreeze makes you go from dying of heat to feeling instant cooling relief.  Set it on your desk, in the garage, by your bedside, or anywhere else to feel a cool refreshing breeze for hours!


No More Burning Up Your Money

The electric company profits from your misery! The moment you get hot, you turn on the AC, run up your bill, and they gladly take your hard-earned money! Thankfully EverBreeze costs just pennies to operate! Now you and your wallet won't burn up any longer!




Additional Benefits

  • Built-in Handle - Take EverBreeze where you want!
  • Doubles as a negative ion generator to keep you breathing healthy clean air
  • Built-In Night Light - Helps you sleep better if you use EverBreeze by your bedside!



National Weather Services Report We're In For One Of The Hottest Summers Of The Decade. 

Prepare With EverBreeze



Our Guarantee

If you receive your EverBreeze and don't like it for any reason, just shoot us a message within 30 days of receiving it and we'll give your money back - no questions asked! You can even keep it for the trouble!