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FireVibe™ - Double Pack
FireVibe™ - Double Pack

FireVibe™ - Double Pack

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FireVibe™ allows you to create your own mini campfire in seconds without the danger, mess, or fuss of normal firewood

  • FireVibe™️ use soy wax and recyclable cardboard to start a campfire-like flame in just seconds!
  • With FireVibe, you don't have to lug around fire logs or do any work to maintain the fire and it can be used where wood campfires can't.
  • FireVibe™ gives off the perfect amount of heat to keep 3-4 people cozy at night, is reusable, and has a burn time of 5-6 hours!

FireVibe burns quicker and longer than a normal campfire without needing to be maintained and gives off the same amount of heat as 3-4 wood logs.

  • FireVibe™ produces no dangerous smoke, sparks, or embers that come with normal campfires and won't leave a toxic taste on marshmallows or hot dogs.
  • You can stop the flame in seconds! Just slide the lid on and you're done!

Take it to the beach, use it in the backyard, or create your own cozy campfire after a long and tiring hike!