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MiniMemories™️ 3D Pen 2.0
MiniMemories™️ 3D Pen 2.0
MiniMemories™️ 3D Pen 2.0
MiniMemories™️ 3D Pen 2.0

MiniMemories™️ 3D Pen 2.0

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Unlock Your Child's Hidden Creativity In 2020 And Beyond!

Children haven't always been able to express their creativity to the fullest because there have always been limitations. But not anymore! The MiniMemories - 3D Pen 2.0 automatically trains your child's imagination and creativity by allowing them to design and create anything they can dream of!



3 Reasons Every Family Should Own A MiniMemories 3D Pen 2.0

1. Breaks Bad Habits - This 3D Pen helps children to stop watching their dreams on devices, and create them instead! Everything they draw comes to real life because this 3D Pen allows them to hold every drawing they make right in their hands!

2. Endless Fun & Education  - One of the first educational toys that grows with your child. No matter what age or experience level, this 3D Pen will provide endless hours of fun while training them to think more creatively!

3. Safe For All - The MiniMemories 3D Pen uses safe non-toxic ABS filament, plus the 2.0 version uses advanced cooling technology to ensure the filament is cooled once it comes out of the nozzle!



Here's Just A Few Of Our Customers Creations!


What's Included:

  • 1x MiniMemories 3D Pen 2.0
  • 1X Pen Charger
  • 1X Pen Bracket Stand
  • 1X Easy Instruction Manual
  • 3X Color Refills (3M of each color)




*Bonus: All orders placed before Jan 1st 2020 will receive a 100% Free Optical Drawing Board with their order ($19.99 Value). This board allows children to draw anything they see on their phone with the MiniMemories 3D Pen (picture below)!

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