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ProAuto™️ - Starter Kit
ProAuto™️ - Starter Kit

ProAuto™️ - Starter Kit

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How many dollars are coming out of your wallet next time you have a dent in your car?


Some dent repairs will cost you $200...$300...even $1,000 at an auto repair shop, but the ProAuto™️ Car Dent Remover Complete Kit lets you repair an unlimited amount of dents at home in just minutes for a fraction of the cost.

 5 Reasons Every Vehicle Owner Needs The ProAuto™️

1. It Saves You Time And Money - ProAuto™️ lets you repair an unlimited amount of ugly dents on your car for a small fraction of the cost you'd pay at an auto repair shop while getting the same professional results.


2. It Works On Any Vehicle - Cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV's, doesn't matter. ProAuto™️ pulls the dents out using the same PDR paint-friendly glue used in professional repair shops.


3. It's Reusable Forever -  The ProAuto™️ Car Dent Remover Complete Kit is designed with heavy duty stainless steel and built to last forever. Everything in the kit is reusable, so no matter if you currently have a dented car or will in the future, you'll never have to pay a repair shop again.


4. It Fixes Any Size Dent - No matter if you have small dents from hail damage, or a larger sized dent from a fender-bender, one of ProAuto's 18 different attachments can pull it out in minutes without leaving any marks/scratches on the original paint.


5. It's Super Easy To Use - There's no experience or strength needed and it takes just a few easy steps!


What's Included:
-1x ProAuto™️ T-Bar
-18x Gasket Attachments (for different sized dents)
-5x ProAuto™️ PDR Paint-Friendly Glue Sticks
-1x ProAuto™️ Glue Gun
-1x Alcohol Spray Bottle
-1x Glue Remover

*Every kit includes enough glue to repair 100 dents

Our Guarantee:

If you aren't satisfied with your ProAuto™️ Car Dent Remover Complete Kit for any reason, just send us an email within 30 days of receiving it, and we will send you a full refund - no questions asked.