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SpinMagic Deep Cleaning Easy Mop

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SpinMagic makes mopping your floors a walk in the park! Deep clean any type of hard flooring in half the time, all while never touching the dirty water or using effort to wring the mop out!


  • Zero-Effort Mopping - With SpinMagic, you never have to touch the dirty mop or touch the water. Simply press down to wring out your mop automatically!

  • Cuts Cleaning Time In Half - SpinMagic doesn't just deep clean, it deep cleans fast! Using special microfiber mop heads, you'll see the dirt and grime disappear in seconds!


    • Works On Any Hard Flooring - Hardwood, laminate, tile, you name it! SpinMagic will leave you with super clean shiny floors every time


    • Machine Washable Heads - After every deep clean, just throw your SpinMagic Mop head in the washing machine and it comes out clean as new!